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Training for Amazon Sellers and Account/Brand Managers

The education system has failed us all so businesses must become educators. My Amazon Guy is the Wikipedia of selling on Amazon. With more than 1,000 videos of free content online at

We launched these courses at a low cost to give highly technical management in the hands of learning Amazon experts. If you pass our course, we certify that you have basic competence in these fields. This increases your chance to be successful as an Amazon seller and/or employable as a completer of these courses.
You can't go to college to learn to sell on Amazon.

Great for Employers

Training your employees is a never-ending commitment. By providing these courses and tests you will have a higher confidence in your employee's abilities to perform their tasks competently.

These courses also validate a candidate's credibility. You can offer jobs to those holding our certificates with a higher level of confidence.
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The content of the course is exceptional, no doubt about that. It's crisp and clear.

Tejasvi H M

E-commerce Consultant

A+ Content

Good move, and anticipated one. đź‘Ź the only true Amazon guru, no humble brags, no look how much we grow account, only willingness to teach the next guy and lift the community up.

Ruben Alikhanyan

Founder and CEO at PAS Agency

Very Helpful

Steven, this course is fantastic! Thank you for allowing us to benefit from and learn from your knowledge and expertise in Amazon! You are amazing!

Clarence Nicolas

Amazon Store Manager
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