Building a Variation on Amazon Course

Post Honeymoon Realization-Optimization Course

MAG School Certificate Included
This course will cover:
  • ICAP (Search Query Report, Keyword Research) 
  • Main Image (Click-Through-Rate, Image Guide, How to Set up Pick Fu A/B Test , and A/B Test Image) 
  • Listing Optimization (How do you know if your listing is ready, ASIN Review)
  • List Price (How to set the MSRP, Amazon List Price) 
  • A+ Content (Brand Story, Brand Story Module)
  • Social Posts (How to set up social posts) 
  • PPC (Are campaigns properly segmented, are budget adequately set to avoid going out of budget, and  are the Broad, phrase, and exact match campaigns
Building a Variation on Amazon Course
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